Canon Compatible Cartridges PFI-104 – PFI-107


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Product Description

Set of 6 Ink Tanks 102-104

  • Printer Compatibility: Canon Large Format Printer ipf650 ipf655 ipf750 ipf755
  • Capacity: 130ml
  • Colors
    Matte Black (2 Cartridges filled with Pigment Ink)
    Black (1 unit with Dye Ink)
    Cyan (1 unit with Dye Ink)
    Magenta (1 unit with Dye Ink)
    Yellow (1 unit with Dye Ink)


  • Printer Compatibility: Canon imagePROGRAF ipf650, ipf655, ipf755, ipf750, ipf760
  • Capacity: 130ml
  • Color: Magenta
  • Type of ink:Dye



  • Printer Compatibility: Canon imagePROGRAF IPF6300, IPF6350, IPF6400, IPF6450
  • Capacity: 130ml
  • Colors: Photo Gray, Gray, Blue, Green, Red, Photo Magenta, Photo Cyan, Yellow, Magenta,     Cyan, Black, Matte Black
  • Type of ink:Dye



  • Printer Compatibility: Canon imagePROGRAF iPF680, iPF685, iPF780, iPF785
  • Capacity: 130ml
  • Colors:  Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Matte Black
  • Type of ink:Dye


Additional Information

CC Cartridges

PFI-102-104 for Canon IPF650 / 655 / 750 / 755 / 760 Set of 6, PFI-104, PFI-106, PFI-107


Black, Blue, Cyan, Gray, Green, Magenta, Matte Black, NA – Sets, Photo Cyan, Photo Gray, Photo Magenta, Red, Yellow

CC Cartridge Sets

PFI-101 ipf5000 Set of 12, PFI-101 ipf5100/6100 Set of 12, PFI-101 ipf6000 Set of 8, PFI-206 ipf6400/6400s/6450 Set of 12, PFI-701 ipf8000/9000 Set of 12, PFI-701 ipf8000s/9000s Set of 8, PFI-701/702 ipf8100/9100 Set of 12, PFI-704 ipf8300 Set of 12, PFI-706 ipf8400 Set of 12


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